A great big THANK YOU to everyone who participated and supported the 11th Annual Golf Tournament! It was a great success! 


Mae Carden thought of the week:

 "Stamina in the true sense enables one to establish convictions of Right and Wrong." 

-Mae Carden

Let's Bring Them Up Sensibly, pg. 6


Save the Date!


Dance Festival, Saturday, May 21st 6 PM at Flowing Wells Junior High


Spaghetti Dinner, Talent Show, Book Fair, Monday, May 16th, 5:30 PM at Carden


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First of all I’d like to apologize to the many teachers of my youth who put their heart and soul into trying to maintain order with me sitting in their classrooms. I wasn't a downright malevolent child. I simply liked to keep things entertaining by continuously testing the sense of humor of my instructors. My tenth grade biology teacher passed the test with flying colors as he reacted to the cadaver frog I'd managed to hang from the ceiling tile above my desk. "Mr. Fay," he replied with a dry smile, "life around here would be so dull without you."
Like many of my teachers, he managed to see the good in me even when I couldn't see it in myself. Great teachers are like that. Somehow they manage to use their x-ray vision to spot the gifts in even the most difficult kids.
Let's send a big thanks to educators by helping our kids view them with great respect. A powerful strategy for achieving this goal involves allowing them to overhear us talking positively about their teachers. You've probably noticed your children's eyes glazing over as you've tried to lecture them about some essential truth. In contrast, you've seen how closely they listen when they see that you're trying to have a private conversation!
Experiment with this: At least twice a week intentionally let your children overhear you saying something positive about their teachers. Do this for the rest of the school year.
Springtime can be tough for both teachers and their students. Keeping things positive can go a long way toward helping your children learn while showing teachers that we appreciate their hard work and dedication.
If you enjoyed this tip consider a gift for a teacher. We put together aSpecial Package to commemorate Teacher Appreciation Week. Give the teacher in your life the skills to love their job and have much less stress at the end of their day!
Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.
Dr. Charles Fay

Friday Morning All School Openings


Please make sure to join the students and faculty for Friday morning Openings. Next week's Opening will be led by Fifth Grade (4/29)


The Carden PTO


 The PTO created a GOFUNDME project. If you are interested in contributing,

please click here.

You can also share this info with family and friends! 


 Please join the PTO for their next meeting on Thursday, April 28th at 6:15 in the MPR. 



 Upcoming Events 


April 2016

• Thursday, April 28th -- 4th grade to Kartchner Caverns

• Thursday, April 28th -- PTO Meeting @6:15

• Friday, April 29th -- 3rd grade Pow-Wow

May 2016

• Monday, May 2nd -- Teacher Appreciation Week

• Monday, May 2nd -- Talent Show Tryouts

• Friday, May 6th -- Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

• Friday, May 13th -- Middle School Dance Party

• Monday, May 16th -- Spagetti Dinner and Talent Show

• Wednesday, May 18th -- Kindergarten to Brandi Fenton

• Saturday, May 21st -- Dance Festival 

• Wednesday, May 25th -- 8th grade Graduation 

• Thursday, May 26th -- Water Day!

• Friday, May 27th -- Awards Ceremony @8:10AM 


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Just a Few Friendly Reminders:

Every child must be registered for the Enrichment Program (even if you never use it) so that if an emergency should arise and you are not able to arrive by 3:30 PM or if you have to drop your children off before 8 AM they will have a place to go. 

If you need forms please contact Ms. Chilton or the office.


Please use the car pool line when picking up or dropping off students.  If you need to go to office, park in the parking lot. 


If your student is absent, please call the office by 9:30AM. 


Visitors on Campus!

Parents, friends, family, and visitors, if you are coming on campus, please make sure you sign in at the office! Do not go to the classroom without checking in at the office.

This will help keep classroom disruptions to a minimum and insure campus safety!

Thank you for your cooperation! 


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