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Carden needs your help answering some questions. By filling out the survey, your family will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card. Use the link below to fill out a school survey.




It is that time of the year to let Carden know your student's enrollment status for the school year 2021-2022. Please fill out the form below by Monday, February 15th.


Intended Enrollment for 2021-2022 Form


Hello Carden Families,


Parent/Teacher conferences will be held Wednesday, February 24th via zoom. Please use the links below to sign-up to "meet" with your student's teacher. This is an opportunity to discuss your child's progress so far this school year. By participating in the conferences, you are actively helping your child's future.


• Mrs. Harris Parent/Teacher Conference Link

• Ms. Nichols Parent/Teacher Conference Link

• Miss Stoner Parent/Teacher Conference Link

• Mr. Magana Parent/Teacher Conference Link

• Ms. Chilton Parent/Teacher Conference Link

• Mr. Claridge Parent/Teacher Conference Link

• Coach Peralta Parent/Teacher Conference Link


Any questions, contact Mrs. Martinez at


We would like to THANK one of our Carden families for referring a new family to the Carden Community. The new student has merged well into their new classroom and with their new classmates.


The referring family has received $100 gift card of their choice.


Wear western attire on Wednesday the 24th for Rodeo:)


Click on the link below to view next year's School Calendar:

2021-2022 School Calendar


Dollar for Duds is the first Tuesday of each month. It is a Fundraiser for the Carden PTO. Students can wear appropriate "street" clothes to school that day. Proceeds are used for school improvements. To participate, the cost is $3 per day, per student. If you wish to pay for the remainder of the year, it is $9. Please fill in the student name and dates that they will participating in throughout the remainder of the school year. Cash or checks (made payable to Carden PTO) are accepted for payment. Payment must be received prior to the dress down day to participate. 


Our SIXTH day will be Tuesday, March 2nd.

 Here is the link to enter your student's participation:



Carden is currently enrolling for the 2020-2021 school year! Invite friends and family to join the Carden community. We are excited for the adventures this year holds!

Incentive: Any family that brings another family to Carden and they enroll, you have an opportunity to claim $100 gift card.


Love of Reading/Spirit Week

March 8th - March 12th

Each day has a different theme that pairs with a story/book.

*Students who do not want to participate are to come dressed in their school uniform*

• Monday (Goodnight Moon) -- PAJAMA DAY! Come dressed in your best PJs and accessories!

• Tuesday (Tea Rex) -- FANCY DAY! Come dressed as royalty in your fanciest outfit!

• Wednesday (How to Catch a Leprechaun) -- HOLIDAY DAY! What’s your favorite holiday? Dress from head to toe in your favorite holiday attire!

• Thursday (Cat in the Hat) -- CRAZY DAY! Wear your wackiest, mismatched outfit!

• Friday (Goldilocks & The 3 Bears) -- ANIMAL DAY! Dress up as your favorite animal!


Don't forget to send in your tax credits for 2020 by April 15th, 2021! It is $200 for an individual or $400 for a married couple. Please put in the memo line the tax credit year.

Thank you for your continued support and donations.



Click the link above to print out a copy of the 2020 Tax Credit paperwork. Please designate on the memo line the Tax year.


AzM2 Testing Schedule for Grades 3-8


A great way to support Carden of Tucson is linking your Amazon account to an Amazon Smiles Account. Follow this LINK to start using Amazon Smiles. You have the option to choose the charitable organization which would be Carden of Tucson. Thank you for your continued support!


To celebrate George Washington’s birthday this coming Monday, here are a few facts about our first President.


1. Washington did not have a middle name.


2. He was made an honorary citizen of France.


3. No one will ever rank higher than him in the US military.


4. He was one of the sickliest presidents in history. (diphtheria, tuberculosis, smallpox, dysentery, malaria, tonsillitis, carbuncle, pneumonia, and epiglottitis were all ailments Washington endured)


5. He never chopped down that cherry tree.


6. He was a massive letter writer. (It is said that he wrote between 18,000-20,000 letters)


7. Before becoming a General during the war, he was a master surveyor.


8. Before fighting the British in the Revolutionary War, he served with the British during the French and Indian War.


9. He was a dog lover. Known to have kept more than 30 Foxhounds.


10. He didn’t have wooden teeth. When he attended his first inauguration, he only had one tooth left in his head. Throughout the rest of his life, he had different sets of dentures including ivory, brass, horse teeth, and yes, even human teeth.


-Miss Stoner




• Wednesday, February 24th -- Noon Dismissal/Parent-Teacher Conferences

• Thursday, February 25th -- Rodeo Break (No School)

• Friday, February 26th -- Rodeo Break (No School)

MARCH 2021

• Tuesday, March 2nd -- Dollar for Duds (for those who have paid)

• Wednesday, March 3rd -- Hoop Shoot at 9 am for grades 2-6

• Monday, March 8th -- Pajama Day

• Tuesday, March 9th -- Fancy Day

• Wednesday, March 10th -- Holiday Day

• Thursday, March 11th -- Crazy Day

• Friday, March 12th -- Animal Day 

• Friday, March 12th -- Noon Dismissal

• Monday, March 15th-19th -- Spring Break

• Wednesday, March 17th -- Report Cards Sent Home


Squad Points

Being part of the Carden family means being part of a community within our classrooms. Squads have begun again within our campus. In order for students to be eligible to wear jeans and peace builder shirt on Wednesdays, signing the squad point link must be completed by the Tuesday prior.


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