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Family Bonding Idea, 

So, my son picked up baseball this year.  He’s not the athletic type.  I’m not sure if he thought it would be an easy sport to play or if he just likes wearing a sport’s uniform.  Regardless, after observing his school’s baseball team in action, I realized that they were in dire need of practice, including my son. 

I’ve never played baseball and did not realize how expensive the equipment was.  I was advised to use batting cages but the one I know about had a hefty price tag.  When speaking with a friend about it she recommended Home Plate Sports Pub. 

Home Plate Sports Pub is a local bar located on the east side off of 22nd St.  Its distinctiveness is that, besides having the regular entertainment found in local dive bars, it has batting cages in the back.  They are quite affordable, $15.00 for 30 minutes or you can use coins and the machines take 75 cents per session.  This seemed like a much better alternative.  

Regarding their food, I’ve only tried their pizza and was not impressed.  I’m assuming the rest of their food is of the same quality.  Of course, my son thought it was “pretty good.”  He’s pretty optimistic about the burgers as well and wants to try them soon.  

I noticed several families enjoying the batting cages in the back and it felt like a family environment.  It felt safe and kid friendly.  I was surprised.  It was a great bonding time with my son and it increased our confidence when it comes to batting.  

My take away, this was a great alternative to other more expensive batting cage services available.  It’s also something that can be done as a family and even though the location is a bar, the batting cage area seems family friendly.  

Have a great summer!

-Mr. Magana


MAY 2021

• Monday, May 24th -- 4th/5th Grade Tea Party

• Wednesday, May 26th -- 8th Grade Graduation

• Thursday, May 27th -- Yearbooks and Field Day

• Friday, May 28th -- Last Day of School and Drive-Thru Awards


Squad Points

Being part of the Carden family means being part of a community within our classrooms. Squads have begun again within our campus. In order for students to be eligible to wear jeans and peace builder shirt on Wednesdays, signing the squad point link must be completed by the Tuesday prior.


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