Contact Ms. Bennon – Fourth Grade

I have a Bachelors Degree in Family Studies and Human Development, a Masters Degree in Elementary Education, and I have been working in the classroom for 8 yrs.

I have two young children who keep me active and on my toes. They have given me a greater appreciation for the juggling and multi-tasking that all parents do. I have always been an avid reader keeping at least one book with me at all times. When I was young I participated in many theater performances here in town, and I now enjoy attending as many performances as possible. I also enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, rock climbing, camping, or just sitting in the grass reading a good book.

I have always known that I would work with children in some way. When I entered the classroom for the first time I knew that teaching was my passion.  Since I have two young children, I appreciate the opportunity to be able to “job share” the 4th grade class with Mrs. Sierra.  I teach in the morning and she teaches in the afternoon.  We take turns teaching full days on Fridays.

My classroom is very dynamic with respect being a central theme. I urge my students to ask, “How can I help this situation?” when faced with adversity. Students in my class are given a lot of choices. I believe that this ownership of education helps children maintain interest and motivation. My class is writing intensive with at least 30 minutes of writing each day. We do creative writing, descriptive writings, persuasive writing, paragraphs, essays, research reports, poetry, and lots of journaling. We also do hands-on Science almost daily. Each student participates in the yearly science fair and creates an experiment, display, and presentation. Fourth grade has a happy, comfortable, laid-back, safe, and respectful environment with lots of laughing and working in groups. It is also highly structured with rigorous standards and high expectations.

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