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The Final Count:

1st- $336.05 (2nd Grade)

2nd- $262.50 (4th Grade

3rd- $221.52 (3rd Grade)

4th- $201.70 (Kindergarden)

5th- $180.23 (1st Grade)

6th- $155.40 (6th Grade)

7th- $82.76 (8th Grade)

8th- $49.76 (7th Grade)

9th- $26.90 (5th Grade)

Grand Total: $1,516.82


Congratulations 2nd Grade the entire class won a Pasta Party!


Mae Carden thought of the week:

 "Children love those who help them to meet life." 

-Mae Carden

Let's Bring Them Up Sensibly, pg. 48


The Carden Science Fair Time Line:


October 23---Question and Problem due

October 26 & 27---Teacher Conference with each student

October 30---Final Question and Problem due

November 2-12---Research topic

November 13---Research/Hypothesis due

November 14-20---Brainstorm ways to test your question

November 30---Materials. Procedures, and Variables due

December 1-January 8---Work on experiments, collect data, take photo, etc.

January 15--Results due

January 22--Conclusions due

February 5--Whole Project due

February 11--K-5 Science Fair

February 12--6-8 Science Fair


Please contact your child(s) teacher with any questions you may have. 


The Carden PTO


The next PTO meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November, 19th @ 3:15PM in the MPR.


 Upcoming Events  


November 2015

• Friday, November 6th -- 2nd grade to the Tucson Botanical Gardens

• Friday, November 6th -- Fall Carnival

• Tuesday, November 10th -- Veteran's Day Program

• Wednesday, November 11th -- Veteran's Day, No School

• Friday, November 20th -- 7th & 8th to the Grand Canyon

• Wednesday, November 25th -- Early Out

• Thursday, November 26th &27th -- Thanksgiving Vacation

• Monday, November 30th -- Class Resumes


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Just a Few Friendly Reminders:

Every child must be registered for the Enrichment Program (even if you never use it) so that if an emergency should arise and you are not able to arrive by 3:30 PM or if you have to drop your children off before 8 AM they will have a place to go. 

If you need forms please contact Ms. Chilton or the office.


Please use the car pool line when picking up or dropping off students.  If you need to go to office, park in the parking lot. 


If your student is absent, please call the office by 9:30AM. 


Visitors on Campus!

Parents, friends, family, and visitors, if you are coming on campus, please make sure you sign in at the office! Do not go to the classroom without checking in at the office.

This will help keep classroom disruptions to a minimum and insure campus safety!

Thank you for your cooperation! 


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