Carden’s daily homework policy for absences are as follows:

 If a student is absent, there are two options for getting missed work.

•  The student may get the missed work when they return to school. They have the same number of days to complete the work when they were absent plus 1 day


• The parent or student may email the teacher by 8:00 am requesting the missed work and pick it up in the office after 3:15 pm. This work is to be turned in when the student returns to school.

 Work cannot be requested before an absence occurs. Work that is requested after 8:00 am or any time during the school day are often not seen by the teachers. Therefore, it will not be ready by the end of that school day as the teachers will not have had the proper notification time to get things ready.

 Please note: Long-term assignments/projects are due on the due date. Parents or siblings may turn the assignment/project in on the due date when the student is absent. If a parent or sibling cannot bring the long-term assignment/project on the due date, it will be considered late.

A long-term assignment/project is one that is given with a due date other than the next day, i.e. an assignment given on a Monday that is to be turned in by Friday, Science Fair Project etc.

Please click the following LINK to submit your family name that you have read and understand the revised homework policy for ALL grade levels.


Join us for Our Monthly Dinner Fundraiser on Tuesday, September 13th from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Chipotle located by the Foothills Mall. You can either bring in a flyer or show the flyer on your phone to the cashier. Any questions, contact the Carden PTO at cardenpto@cardenoftucson.org


Classroom Parent Volunteers are needed! Please fill out this FORM if you would be interested! Thank you for all of your help and support!


Thursday, September 15th is the 7th Grade Parent Community Service Day! Parents and students in 7th grade are asked to come after school and clean the classrooms as a community service project. This happens once a month by EACH grade level. Two buckets will be in the Office with a checklist of items to be completed in ALL classrooms.

Any questions, contact the PTO at cardenpto@cardenoftucson.org


Students who will be absent due to an illness or for any other matter, parents MUST call into the Office to report the absence before 9:00 am. To report an absence, call 520.293.6661.

Thank you for your help!



Dear Carden Students & Families,

Each student has been given 5 tickets to sell for $5 each for the Doll House Raffle. Proceeds will go to the library fund at Carden. Please return stubs and money to Mrs. Martinez as soon as possible to be entered into the drawing or return unsold tickets to the office. Remember, the family who sells the most tickets will be rewarded with a $50 Walmart gift card.

SALE ENDS November 10th, 2016.

Any questions or concerns, contact Mrs. Shaub at 520.449.3875 or gokatieshaub@gmail.com


Enrichment Program Hours: 

Monday - Friday

Morning: 7:00 am to 8:00 am

Afternoon: 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Any Half Days, The Enrichment Program will NOT be available. Students MUST be picked up by 12:15 pm.

Billing Statements will be sent home weekly. Statements are to be paid in a timely manner. If you would like to pay through the Enrichment Program PayPal account, please click on the following link. 

Thank you,

Ms. Chilton 


Friday Morning All School Openings


Please make sure to join the students and faculty for Friday morning Openings. Next week's Opening will be led by First Grade (9/16)



 Please join the PTO for their next meeting on Thursday, September 15, 2016 @ 6:15 pm in the MPR. 

A great way to support Carden of Tucson is linking your Amazon account to an Amazon Smiles Account. Follow this LINK to start using Amazon Smiles. You have the option to choose the charitable organization which would be Carden of Tucson. Thank you for your continued support!


September 2016 

• Thursday, September 15th -- PTO Meeting @ 6:15 pm

• Thursday, September 15th -- 7th Grade Parent Community Service @ 4:30 pm

• Friday, September 16th -- 1st Grade Opening

• Friday September 23rd -- Kindergarten Opening

• Saturday, September 24th -- Constitution Rehearsal from 9:00 - 12:00 @ ASDB

• Saturday, September 24th -- Constitution Program @ 6:30 pm at ASDB

• Friday, September 30th -- Noon Dismissal (Teacher Grading Period)

 October 2016 

•  Monday, October 3rd -- Fall Break Begins

• Wednesday, October 5th -- Report Cards Mailed

• Friday, October 14th -- Fall Break Ends

• Monday, October 17th -- Second Quarter Begins (School back in session)

• Monday, October 17th -- Pennies for Pasta Begins

• Wednesday, October 19th -- Panda Express Fundraiser (10 am to 8 pm)

• Thursday, October 20th -- School Pictures

• Thursday, October 20th -- PTO Meeting at 3:15 pm

• Thursday, October 20th -- 6th Grade Parent Community Service @ 4:30 pm

• Friday, October 28th -- Pennies for Pasta Ends


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Visitors on Campus!

Parents, friends, family, and visitors, if you are coming on campus meaning the parking lot too, please make sure you sign in at the office! Do not go to talk with students  without checking into the office. This will help keep classroom disruptions to a minimum and insure campus safety!

Thank you for your cooperation!

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