Dear Carden Parents,

As you know, our annual Carden Constitution Program is coming up on Sept. 23. The students have been working hard learning the songs, dances, and speaking parts for the program.  We hope all the students will participate this year - it’s one of the biggest, and most attended, programs of the year.


In the past there have been questions about music class participation and grades.  My music curriculum and grading is based entirely on participation - How much does the student participate?  Does he/she contribute to the class, or does he/she distract?  Does he/she focus on the task at hand or play with friends and ignore the teacher?  Does his/her attitude contribute to the class atmosphere or does it inhibit a positive environment?  Etc. And yes, does he/she participate in the performances?


When we spend so much time in class preparing for the performances, it is disheartening and discouraging to the other students in the class when someone doesn’t show up.  It’s also disheartening to the student who misses - they feel left out.  Often times the students have parts that require a partner - when a student doesn’t show up, their partner is left on stage alone.  Some of our classes are very small this year - if one or two students don’t come to the performance….you get the picture.


I’ve been trying to teach the students about commitment and responsibility to each other in a performance.  I would really appreciate your support in teaching these lessons by bringing your children to perform in all our programs.  (Bring ALL your family, your friends, your neighbors!)  It’s just an hour or so of your time, and I know you and your child/ren won’t be disappointed.


Hope to see you all there.


Mr. Claridge


Constitution Rehearsal Information

When: Saturday, September 23rd

Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location: ASDB

Dress Code: Student may what they would like for the rehearsal. Close-toed shoes must be worn


Constitution Program Information

When: Saturday, September 23rd

Time: 6:30 pm (students need to be there by 6:15 pm to get situated)

Location: ASDB

Dress Code: Students are to wear a white or red polo with navy blue bottoms. Close-toed shoes must be worn


This event is for ALL students, their parents, family member and friends. The students are working hard to learn their songs and dances for this performance.


Tickets are being sold for a family outing to see the Broadway production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella". The performance will be held on Saturday, December 9th at 2:00 pm at Centennial Hall. Cost of tickets are $23 per ticket. The theater is a great opportunity to spend with family. If you and your family would like to attend, please fill out the RSVP form that will be sent home in the Friday packet. Forms must be returned to Miss Stoner. Reservations must be made by September 28th. Payment can be made now, but no later that October 20th. Checks are to be made out to Paula Stoner.

If you have further questions, contact Miss Stoner at pstoner@cardenoftucson.org 


Tuesday, September 26th, students may wear U of A clothing (i.e jersey, shirt, hat, shorts).


Middle School Volunteer Opportunity


Date: Friday, September 29th

Time: 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Location: Carden Campus

Age: 6th - 8th Grade Students

We would love to have as many volunteers to help clean each classroom (i.e. wipe down desks, clean sinks, dust, clean refrigerator and microwave). This opportunity can go towards the volunteer hours that middle school students need to complete for the year.

Any questions, contact Mrs. Martinez at kmartinez@cardenoftucson.org


Second Quarter lunch paperwork was sent home today. Payment and forms need to be returned to the Office by Friday, September 29th for students to be included in the first week of the second quarter lunches.


Thank you!


Click the link above to print out a copy of the Tax Credit paperwork. Please designate on the memo line the Tax year.


Click above to check out the School Calendar for next year!


Enrichment Program Hours:

Monday - Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm



$5.00 per individual or $8.00 per family billable in 15 minute increments.


The Enrichment Program will NOT be available on half days. 

Billing Statements will be sent home weekly. Statements are to be paid in a timely manner. Payment methods include cash, check (made payable to Shawn Chilton) or through the PayPal account. If you would like to pay through the Enrichment Program PayPal account, please click on the following LINK. 

Thank you,

Ms. Chilton 


"Books! Cleverness?

There are more important things -

Friendship and Bravery."

-Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone



 Please join the PTO for their next meeting on Saturday, September 23rd at 9:15 am at ASDB during the Constitution Rehearsal.

A great way to support Carden of Tucson is linking your Amazon account to an Amazon Smiles Account. Follow this LINK to start using Amazon Smiles. You have the option to choose the charitable organization which would be Carden of Tucson. Thank you for your continued support!


September 2017 

• Saturday, September 23rd -- Constitution Program Rehearsal from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

• Saturday, September 23rd -- PTO Meeting during rehearsal

• Saturday, September 23rd -- Constitution Program at 6:30 pm

• Tuesday, September 26th -- Volleyball at Sporting Chance at 4:30 pm

• Tuesday, September 26th -- Football at Meadow Brook Park at 4:30 pm

• Wednesday, September 27th -- Football at Meadow Brook Park at 4:30 pm

• Wednesday, September 27th -- Volleyball at Sporting Chance at 5:00 pm

• Friday, September 29th -- Teacher Opening

• Friday, September 29th -- Noon Dismissal (Last Day of 1st Quarter)

• Friday, September 29th -- Middle School Community Service at 12:15 pm

• Friday, September 29th -- Football at Center Point at 4:30 pm

• Friday, September 29th -- Volleyball at Center Point at 4:30 pm & 5:30 pm

October 2017 

• Monday, October 2nd -- Fall Break Begins

• Tuesday, October 3rd -- Football at Leading Edge at 5:00 pm

• Wednesday, October 4th -- Report Cards Mailed

• Friday, October 13th -- Fall Break Ends

• Monday, October 16th -- First Day of Second Quarter

• Monday, October 16th -- Pennies for Pasta Begins

• Tuesday, October 17th -- Dollar for Duds Day

• Thursday, October 19th -- Picture Day

• Thursday, October 19th -- PTO Meeting in the MPR at 6:00 pm

• Thursday, October 19th -- Visit from Superintendent Williams from 10-11:30 am

• Monday, October 23rd -- 5th Grade Field Trip - Earth Keeper from 8-4

• Tuesday, October 24th -- 5th Grade Field Trip - Earth Keeper from 8-4

• Wednesday, October 25th -- 5th Grade Field Trip - Earth Keeper from 8-1

• Wednesday, October 25th -- 1st & 2nd Grade Event - Bats from 930-12:30

• Friday, October 27th -- Pennies for Pasta Ends


REMINDER: Friday dress code is navy blue bottoms with a red or white polo.

The Squad Point Link is located HERE. 

Enter your family name with the provided link.


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