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Education as a Character Trait
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Welcome to Carden of Tucson!

Dear Carden Families,

welcome2014It is with great pleasure that I welcome all of you to the 2014-2015 school year! I know I say this every year, but I am always in such awe with what a wonderful school year we have planned. As many of you know, this is our 35th year as a school. We have come a long way since our humble beginnings, but still Carden strives to provide quality education for every student. Carden students are unique, and at Carden they are celebrated for this uniqueness. They are encouraged to seek out their personal skills and strengths. Every teacher at Carden works tirelessly to provide a tailored curriculum for that year’s class. This year is no exception.

There is no doubt that the world of education is ever changing. We here at Carden believe in what we do, not just as a profession but as a means to a democratic society and just world. We believe in a student’s right to an education that is guided by their guardians and individuals who know them best. We encourage parents to get involved in your student’s education, read with them, talk with them about what they are learning, and take time to visit their class. I am sure you will be impressed with all that goes on! Our classrooms are always open to our parents.

Throughout this school year, if there are any questions or concerns you may have, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Mrs. Livingood. Both of us are dedicated to the Carden community and are excited to see students grow and learn through this year. We are here to serve you and your family. We know that you choose to be at Carden, and we respect your right to do so.

Again, I welcome you to the 2014-3015 school year. Thank you for joining us, let’s all work to make this year the best year yet!

With warm regards,

Mrs. Jeppson

Life is a Joy, so should be learning – Mae Carden

Carden of Tucson seeks to develop students who are capable, confident, eager, alert, courageous, just, self-critical, compassionate, courteous, and happy. Through high standards and group collaboration the Carden of Tucson learning environment fosters reason, respect, and responsibility within the school and Tucson community. Carden of Tucson students graduate from the Carden community with confidence and understanding, prepared for their individual futures.

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