2nd Grade update ~ World Biomes

This has been an amazing animal kingdom with parent and student support. We have been studying the environments of Deserts, Grasslands, and Rain Forests. First, Tristin shared a huge scorpion, which remained in its habitat while visiting a whole day in our class. The students were able to observe close up at different body segments, including the largest stinger. Then, Gabrielle shared her three Turtles, that must live in water to survive. Last, Jayla gave us the treat of observing and feeding her Desert Tortoise. I am grateful to have these wonderful resources for our students. Hopefully pictures will be posted soon.

Today we have started working on our Grade 2 class opening for Friday, September 5th. Miss Lisa is teaching the whole program (it’s a surprise) and Mr. Grossi is guiding the students with designing their costumes.

Thank you again for all your support!
Ms. Nichols

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