3rd Quarter Outline ~ Math Concepts and Spelling Words+

3rd Quarter Outline Math Concepts & Spelling Words 2014


            It is very important that parents correct and sign the math homework papers daily.  The children should correct all mistakes before packing the work up in the homework folders.  Home-work folders need to come back to school every day.  This helps to make the Saxon Math Program a success.  The following math concepts will be taught:


  • Telling time to 5 minute intervals
  • Writing $ and c amounts in 2 different ways
  • Writing 2 digit numbers using dimes and pennies
  • Subtraction facts; subtracting 5
  • Written assessment test 16; oral assessment test 8
  • Covering the same design in different ways using tangram pieces
  • Subtracting with money and with trades
  • Writing number sentences to show equal groups;  multiplying by 10
  • Counting quarters
  • Rounding to the nearest 10 (estimation)
  • Subtraction facts; subtracting 6
  • Written assessment test 17
  • Estimating large groups of numbers
  • Finding 1/2 of a set with an even number of objects
  • Finding 1/2 of a set with an odd number of objects
  • Estimating a sum
  • Measuring using feet and inches
  • Subtraction facts; subtracting 7
  • Written assessment test 18; oral assessment test 9
  • Identifying geometric solids (cone, cube, sphere, cylinder, rectangular prism, pyramid)
  • Measuring & drawing line segments using centimeters
  • Multiplying by 0, 1, 10, 100
  • Finding the perimeter of geometric shapes
  • Subtraction facts; subtracting 8
  • Written assessment test 19
  • Writing observations from a chart
  • Telling and showing time to the minute
  • Counting quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies, and showing money
  • Identifying lines, line segments (parallel, perpendicular)
  • Adding 3 digit numbers & money amounts
  • Written assessment test 20, oral assessment 10







Spelling Words for 3rd Quarter


1/6/14  #40  Lincoln, February, president, drying, burst, picture, ugly, saying, great, sixteen, slow
1/8/14  #41  Valentine, February, flowers, crack, lace, verse, brim, envelope, secret, heart, love, friend
1/13/14  #42  George, Washington, president, loved, boy, joy, toy, noise, point, spoil, choice, boil

1/15/14  #43  rough, tough, enough, lightly, spoil, pepper, salt, parking, voice, army, mint, pointed
1/21/14  #44  bigger, better, slipper, letter, puppy, butter, dinner, muddy, hammer, rabbit, kitten, pattern

1/22/14  #45  begin, began, because, became, behave, belong, before, behind, foolish, tiger, spider
1/27/14  #46  shamrock, ought, bought, brought, thought, parade, St. Patrick, Irish

1/29/14  #47  little, bottle, sample, beetle, middle, paddle, needle, stumble, handle, bundle, candle, airplane


2/3/14  #48  away, ago, alone, about, asleep, awake, aloud, alarm, across, along, around, apart

2/5/14  #49  soda, extra, banana, today, alive, sled, spelling, tonight, cracker, yesterday, fixing, jacket
2/10/14  #50  Easter, clothes, flowers, rainy, east, least, beast, each, peach, beach, teach, new

2/12/14  #51  air, fair, hair, pair, shining, fairy, dairy, stairs, pain, rain, train, brain
2/17/14  #52  lemon, wagon, chain, twins, person, pardon, spell, grain, won, son, freeze, pail

2/19/14  #53  one, done, none, some, everyone, someone, sometime, something, come once


2/24/14  #54  love, dove shove glove, other, other, mother, brother, another, nothing, second, quite

2/26/14  #55  to, do, who, whose, whom, lose, move, prove, tomb


3/5/14  #56  word, work, worm, world, worse, worth, wax, wash, water, warm, wanted

3/7/14  #57  down, town, brown, frown, crown, clown, owl, howl, growl, crowd


3/10/14  #58  catch, patch, match, scratch, hatch, watch, itch, pitch, pitcher, witch, stitch, ditch

3/11/14  #59  often, fasten, listen, castle, lamb, thumb, crumb, jungle, numb, half, calf

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