Apples and Oceans

Apple week

This next week is one of my favorites. Apple week is full of fun, experiments, poems, and -you guessed it- APPLES!!!

During our apple feast, we will go back in time to learn about Johnny Appleseed himself! It will be a week to remember.

We had so much fun learning about the water cycle and ocean animals over the past two weeks. Learning how to draw and label parts of a fish was very new, but was successful. Monday, student’s mini report on an ocean animal will be sent home for you to read and enjoy.

On Thursday, Tucson Water Conservation will be teaching us a very important (and fun) lesson on water conservation with Dr. Faucet.

Here’s a fun video of the students singing their favorite poem so far!

A Sailor Went to Sea

I look forward to meeting with you next week during our conferences, and for us to explore the world of apples 🙂


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