April 3 – 7

Hello!  This week we have our Science AIMS on Weds.  Please make sure your student eats breakfast and is well rested.  Also we will be starting promptly that morning so please make sure your student is on time 🙂

Thank you so much for all those that helped with our field trip to Old Tucson last week.  We learned a good deal about the life of the miners and living in the old west.  The students had an enjoyable time!

This week’s spelling is list 42. Just a reminder – spelling homework is due every Friday!

  1. theaters
  2. druggist
  3. replied
  4. prescription
  5. skyscrapers
  6. medicine
  7. expensive
  8. perspiration
  9. practical
  10. reasonable
  11. museums
  12. citizens
  13. margins
  14. thermometer
  15. cafeteria
  16. allowance
  17. delicious
  18. mosquitoes
  19. persuaded
  20. disguised

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