Arizona History Day!!

While we didn’t make it to the field trip originally scheduled for today, we were still able to make the day eventful. Here are some of today’s Arizona activities:

Animal Read and Teach– Students read about different animals that are native to Arizona.                        They then worked in groups making posters and teaching the class about the different                     animals.

Arizona Scavenger Hunt- Students searched the room for answers to Arizona trivia                                       questions. (Did you know that a saguaro cactus can store up to 9 tons of water? Did                           you know that Yuma is the country’s highest producer of winter vegetables.)

Discrete Math- Students learned the counties in Arizona by coloring them in with the fewest                        colors possible without like colors sharing a border.

Timeline- After reading a detailed timeline of Arizona’s History students picked their favorite                    events. They will create their own Arizona timeline tomorrow.

Alphabet Book- The whole class started making an alphabet book featuring Arizona related                          topics.

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