Bird Report Responsibility 2018-2019

Dear Parents,
Our Grade 2 class have been studying a variety of birds, and specific characteristics of birds. Each child will choose a different bird. The requirements are:
A rough draft or first copy of factual bird sentences is due the week of February 27th (1 week or before; just the 20 or more sentences; no pictures or cover page). The completed report, with cover page, bibliography (resources), hand drawn picture of the bird, all of the neatly written factual sentences under each proper heading, and a 3-D bird model, is due March 4th. The children will be presenting a few interesting facts from their reports and their projects in front of parents and all the students on Thursday, March 7th in the afternoon, at 1:30 p.m.

The following are the requirements (syllabus):
Choose one particular bird and do a written report on that bird (not the bluebird). The following are the 4 topics or headings that need to be included in the report. Make sure you have correct punctuation, and 4 (or more) sentences in paragraph form for each heading (20 or more sentences in all).

1. Appearance: Describe bird’s size, shape, colors, and any distinct markings in 4 or more sentences in paragraph form (10 points).

2. Location: (area) – Name the countries, states, and continent where your bird can be found in 4 or more sentences in paragraph form (10 points).

3. Habitat: Describe the type of nest your bird builds; the materials used, where it finds these materials, which bird makes the nest in 4 or more sentences in paragraph form (10 points).

4. Food: Describe what your bird eats and where it finds its food in 4 or more sentences in paragraph form (10 points).

5. Two Interesting Facts: of bird (10 points)

6. Include a colored hand – drawn picture of your bird in its habitat on a separate page (10 points).

7. Design an interesting cover page – include your bird’s name in the center of the page and then print your name and date (10 points).

8. List your resources – bibliography – book titles and authors used or Internet addresses on a separate page. Book titles and authors start with capital letters (10 points).

9. Presentation, Public Speaking (10 points)

10. Make sure you use correct spelling in neatly written sentences. Please practice reading your report at home and become familiar with how to pronounce all of the words and be able to explain any unusual words. We would like to hear you read your report to the class. Do not copy every single word from any book or resource (that’s called plagiarism or cheating); put the facts into your own sentences. Your parents may provide help with your report, but you have to write the sentences or type them by yourself.

11. Make a 3 – D model of your bird. (worth 10 points).

12. A rough draft of your 20 sentences or more needs to be handed in by February 27th or before.

13. Extra credit will be given for: #1. Make a hand – drawn colored map of the location of your bird’s habitat (home) including the names of countries, states, or continents; or #2. Make a 3-D habitat model with your 3-D bird.

14. Please keep these requirements (syllabus) in a safe place so that you will know what to put into your bird report.

15. Remember that the complete report and project are due by
March 5th.

16. On March 8th, 1:45 pm. The students will present their Bird report to all family and friends.