Cell Theory

Here is the movie we watched in class about Cell Theory:


Notes on The History of Cell Theory:

Zacharias Janssen:

Late 1500’s

Scientific Contribution:______created the first compound microscope and first telescope________

Robert Hook:


Scientific Contribution:_________named cells “cells” after monks’ cells, fought with Newton over discoveries___________

Anton van Leeuwenhoek:


Scientific Contribution:___________made a tiny microscope in the shape of a paddle, discovered bacteria from dental scraping (called them animalcules)_______________

Matthias Schleiden:


Scientific Contribution:_________realized all plants are made of cells__________________

Theodor Schwann:


Scientific Contribution:___________has a nerve cell named after him, invented rebreather for firefighters, realized all animals are made of cells______________

Rudolph Virchow:


Scientific Contribution:______________proved that cells come from cells (possibly stole this discovery from Robert Remak)_________________



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