Field trip to DeGrazia’s Gallery in the Sun

The fourth grade had an amazing time learning more about our southwest history through the eyes of Tucson artist Ted DeGrazia.  We learned about how he used line and color to create a sense of movement in his paintings.  We also learned that he would paint with his palette knife instead of a brush!  He built the buildings on the property and it was really neat to see all the different stories he depicted in his paintings.  We finished our tour by watching a movie where DeGrazia explained about his art and his life.  Then we created our own art using what we learned as inspiration.  Here are some pictures from our day:

IMG_4315 IMG_4319 IMG_4321 IMG_4323 IMG_4327 IMG_4328 IMG_4329 IMG_4330 IMG_4332 IMG_4333 IMG_4336 IMG_4337 IMG_4338