First Quarter Spelling Words 2016-2017

Grade 2 First Quarter 2016 Spelling List

7/25/16 #1 far, farm, park, tag, shake, star, arm, ask, stay
7/27/16 #2 brave, way , street, hard, trade, file, branch, dark, spoke

8/1/16 #3 start, grade, queen, play, harm, cube, rise, wax, froze
8/3/16 #4 saw, tramp, draw, drove, strike, art, paw, free, tune, tray

8/8/16 #5 wall, splash, small, part, chose, creep, raw, flame, glide
8/10/16 #6 tank, spade, claw, stem, beef, tart, slip, size, well, have

8/15/16 #7 prick, shrimp, bark, quack, spank, trick, deck, vest, speed, give
8/17/16 #8 plot, sock, sharp, trust, truck, class, quick, luck, jaw

8/22/16 #9 have, having, give, giving, making, feeling, wishing, wiping, packing, hoping, wasting
8/24/16 #10 sleeping, smoking, thank, playing, hiding, spare, poking, picking, drinking

8/29/16 #11 her, fern, smart, sister, barber, chapter, silver, basket, serve
8/31/16 #12 clerk, gather, crept, geese, nerve, crank, winter, blister, sink, goose

9/6/16 #13 running, stopping, hitting, tasting, seeing, pasting, swimming, planning
9/7/16 #14 pumpkins, hunter, speech, Halloween, shells, starve, neck, end, Jack-o-Lantern, bleeding, letting

9/12/16 #15 perfect, speck, taking, after, when, then, them, wanted, planted
9/14/16 #16 picture, witch, ride, riding, which, rich, such, much, sandwich

9/19/16 #17 chance, cent, chase, telling, dance, fence, sent, started, prince, street, paying, once
9/21/16 #18 place, mice, plenty, glass, race, sweetly, splinter, garden, hunted, face, class, absent

9/26/19 #19 mill, chicken, cramp, fifteen, stripes, filling, ticket, driving, chin quick,
hitting, winning

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