Library Adventures

What a fun library trip!

We had such a lovely time at the Flowing Wells Library getting our library cards and checking out books for the first time!! Ms. Boyle read us a funny story about a Librarian who swallowed a word, which led to swallowing nearly the whole library! She was also kind enough to¬†teach us a silly song about “Tony Chestnut” before giving us a grand tour. We got to learn and see how the library works, and the cool things they offer.


This quarter has been so much fun, and I appreciate all of the support from the parents! Next quarter will be another fun-filled adventure, so check back for more pictures!


Happy Fall Break!! ?

-Mrs. Cowen

image image IMG_0122

(IMG 0122 should be a video, click on it to check it out!)


As a class, we explored the different types of solids. The last picture is the result of students working together to create something beautiful with pattern blocks.

image image image image image image image image image

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