Measuring Notes


Anything that occupies space and has mass.


The amount of space something occupies.

Regular Shaped Objects: L x W x H = _____cm^3

Irregular Shaped Objects: Use a graduated cylinder to measure displaced water. 1 mL of water equals 1 cm^3. The object pushes the water out of its original place. The amount of displaced water equals the volume of the object.

Liter (L), milliliter (mL)

Meniscus- The water clings to the sides of the graduated cylinder. This creates 2 possible spots to measure. We measure to the bottom to the meniscus.


The amount of matter that makes up something.

Use the triple beam balance to measure for mass.

Gram (g), kilogram (Kg), milligram (mg)


How long something is.

Use the centimeter side of the ruler to measure length.

Meter (M), centimeter (cm), millimeter (mm), kilometer (Km)

Metric System:

The international system of measurement (SI) that allows people all over the world to communicate amounts.

Base Units: Liter (volume), Gram (mass), Meter (length), Celsius (temperature), Seconds (time)

Kind       Hearts       Don’t       Butcher.      d.           c.       makes                  millions

Kilo         Hecto       Deka          Base       deci       centi       milli                      micro

1,000        100          10                1           1/10      1/100       1/1,000

For conversion:

1) find where to start and locate decimal

2) find where to end

3) determine how many spaces to hop

4) hop the decimal the correct number of spaces


.001 hm = ? dm


We are starting at Hecto.

We will end at deci.

We will need to hop 3 spaces to the right.

The decimal will hop 3 spaces to the right.

.001hm = 1. dm

Qualitative Data:

Deals with descriptions

Can be observed but not measured

Colors, textures, smells, tastes, appearance, etc.


Quantitative Data:

Deals with numbers

Data which can be measured

Length, height, area, volume, mass, speed, time, temperature, humidity, costs, etc.



Oil Painting

Qualitative Data- blue color, gold frame, smells musty, texture shows brush strokes, peaceful scene of the country

Quantitative Data- picture is 25 cm by 30 cm, with frame 29 cm by 34 cm, weighs 4 Kg, costs $300

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