PTO Meeting 8/18/16

Carden of Tucson PTO Meeting


3:15 PM

3rd Grade Classroom

  • Monthly dinner fundraisers are a huge success so far. The Panda Express event earned the school $188 and we are still waiting to hear back from Ole’ Mexican Grill regarding how much was raised there. September 13th will be the next monthly dinner fundraiser which will be held at Chipotle. 50% of sales will go back to Carden which is huge!
  • Flyers were handed out at the Back to School BBQ for parent volunteers. We are still looking for volunteers for the upcoming school year. Information will be sent out again in the weekly Carden newsletter to let our families know.
  • This months classroom cleaning was conducted by the 8th grade parents. Thank you to the parents who showed up to help!
  • The uniform store that was run by Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Fillmore was a success. They will be running it again at the Fall Carnival and setting up winter clothing. If there are any families looking for certain items or sizes please email the PTO at
  • The Fall Carnival will be held on November 4th. Next meeting we will be discussing basket ideas and assignments to classes, as well as games/activities and food.
  • Upcoming Events:

-August 25th: Half Day

– September 5th: No School

– September 13th: Chipotle Fundraiser

– September 15th: PTO Meeting @ 6:15 pm

– September 24th: Constitution Rehearsal/Program

– September 30th: Half Day

  • Please join us at our next meeting! We are always looking for feedback and ideas to help improve the school. If you have any questions or comments reach out to any member of the PTO. Thank you!

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