Science Fair Home Stretch!!!!!

Student results, conclusion, and abstract are due on FEBRUARY 7th.

Results: Data Chart and Graph

I have taught the kids how to do detailed graphs and charts by hand and on the computer. Notes and examples were put in the science folders.

Conclusion: A paragraph discussing the results

Refer to the hypothesis: Was it correct? Why or why not? Answer the question that you chose, including an explanation of what the results mean. What did you prove? Discuss variables that could have influenced your results. Explain how your experiment could impact the real world. An example and notes were put in the science folder.

Abstract: A detailed summary (paragraph) of the project

Keep it less than 250 words. Include: why you did the project, information on materials and research, how you collected data, how you analyzed the data, how you arrived at your conclusions, and possible future projects on the topic. An example and notes will be put in the science folder today.

Mrs. Bennon

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