Week of 2/27 – 3/3

Can you believe it is already almost March?  This school year is going by so quickly.  In two weeks we will have Spring Break then its only one more quarter until the end of the year!  Wow!

Next week is Spirit Week so check your newsletter for the themes for each day.

This week’s spelling words are Lesson 39 and as always can be found on Spelling City for practice.

  1. decent
  2. describe
  3. visitor
  4. boundary
  5. details
  6. receipt
  7. neglected
  8. corrections
  9. deceitful
  10. preparation
  11. elastic
  12. forgetting
  13. referred
  14. confusion
  15. swerve
  16. caravan
  17. meager
  18. ignore
  19. exception
  20. reference

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