Week 3!

Hello all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is ready for a new week here at Carden!

Here are the weekly outlines for each grade:
6th Grade- Week 3
7th Grade- Week 3
8th Grade- Week 3

UNIT REVIEWS AND TESTS- This week, each class will receive a Unit Review. This review is their study guide for their test on Aug. 15. This review is due on the day of the test ( Aug. 15th), and must be turned in complete. Since they have this study guide 2 weeks in advance, I expect them to know all of the material. I will still be teaching on the Thursday before the test and the material taught on Thursday will be on the Friday test.

8th GRADE EXPLORER PROJECT- 8th Grade received a project today on an Explorer we are studying in class. The directions for this project are here: Explorer Project. This Project is due on Aug. 13th.

7th GRADE CLIMATE PROJECT- 7th Grade did a wonderful job on their Climate Projects. Some of their work is displayed in class for Back-To-School Night. Monday Aug. 4th, at 6:30.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns- cdavidson1@cardenoftucson.org

-Ms. Davidson

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