Week of 5-16 to 5-20

It is our last week of work!  Next week we will be doing our book report presentations, working on any missing work, test corrections and a couple of fun projects.  Next week is our last week of school so we also have Water Day on the 26th!

Today (Monday) I handed out missing assignment sheets.  All missing work needs to be turned in by May 25th or it will be graded as a zero.

The final book report project is due this Friday May 20th.  Presentations will be Monday.

Here is our final spelling list! A link to the exercises on Spelling City is HERE.

  1. scene
  2. securely
  3. distinguish
  4. disgust
  5. ascend
  6. accept
  7. exhibition
  8. exhausted
  9. scenery
  10. celebration
  11. extinguish
  12. descend
  13. scent
  14. ghost
  15. rhubarb
  16. language
  17. rheumatism
  18. scissots
  19. scientific
  20. essential

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