Week of April 18-22

Do you realize we only have 6 more weeks left?  That is 30 more school days!  This year has flown by!  Don’t forget we have the opening this Friday the 22nd – which is also kite day and the fun run!  Come ready to run and ready to have fun flying kites!  It is a half day so dismissal will be at noon.

Upcoming date to remember:  April 28th is our field trip to Kartchner Caverns.  I need one more driver so let me know if you can help out!

Here is this week’s link to Spelling City for Lesson 31 and the words this week are as follows:

  1. thief (ief)
  2. field (ield)
  3. piece (iece)
  4. belief (eA – ief)
  5. shield (ield)
  6. ignore (i – ore)
  7. lightning (igh – ing)
  8. receive (eA – ceive)
  9. dripped (iD – e,d=t)
  10. boundary (ou – a=uh – y=e+)
  11. grief (ief)
  12. priest (iest)
  13. niece (iece)
  14. yield (ield)
  15. dragging (aD – ing)
  16. description (eA – i – tion)
  17. believe (eA – (ie)(f)ve)
  18. deceive (eA – ceive)
  19. dotted (oD – e,d=ed)
  20. grieves (ieve)

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