Week of August 8 – 12

I apologize for not getting a post up last week!  We’re off to a great start!  The students are excited for our classroom economy and it has been working well so far.

In Science this quarter we are studying plants.  I would love to get a classroom garden going.  September is a prime planting time to catch the second growing season.  We have two raised beds at the very back of the school but I would like to build some smaller ones near our classroom.  If you know of anyone with experience in building them that would like to help us that would be great.  I am also looking for donations of materials to get them built and started.  As a class we will be asking local nurseries to help us in this endeavor.

Our words this week are:

Lesson 4:

  1. flame
  2. stray
  3. thirteen
  4. dirty
  5. gay
  6. lonely
  7. stumble
  8. disturb
  9. lumber
  10. sticky
  11. plenty
  12. magnify
  13. simple
  14. fortify
  15. suspect
  16. maybe
  17. lucky
  18. angry
  19. empty
  20. birthday

Lesson 5:

  1. paper
  2. baby
  3. silent
  4. stupid
  5. defend
  6. struggle
  7. behave
  8. program
  9. poem
  10. between
  11. violets
  12. desire
  13. future
  14. basin
  15. change
  16. moment
  17. decay
  18. daffodil
  19. pupil
  20. attack

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