Week of May 8-12

We are in the final stretch!  Are you ready for summer!  I know I am!

Teacher and Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast is Friday at 7:30.  Please take your designated items to the MPR for serving. The 4th grade is responsible for Ready to Serve Hot Dishes such as casseroles, burritos, eggs, bacon/sausage, hash-brown etc.  Thank you for your contribution.

Here are the Spelling Words for this week.  The students can practice them on Spelling City if they want.

Lesson 45

  1. repeat
  2. politeness
  3. youth
  4. witness
  5. content
  6. benefit
  7. steadiness
  8. independence
  9. complicated
  10. luncheon
  11. judgment
  12. repetition
  13. obey
  14. interruption
  15. injurious
  16. comparison
  17. obedience
  18. necessary
  19. arrangement
  20. necessity

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