Week of 11/23 to 11/25

Happy Thanksgiving!  Don’t forget Weds is a half day!  There is no after school care so please make arrangements to pick up your students at 12 noon.

If you have not sent in the permission slip for our Archeology field trip please do so this week so I can be sure to have everything ready for our trip on Dec. 3.

Here are this week’s spelling words.  It is a short week but we will still be having a spelling test on Weds. The words are up on Spelling City.

  1. pair (a+(i)
  2. trade (a+)
  3. trail (a+(i)
  4. rails (a+(i)
  5. paid (a+(i)
  6. strain (a+(i)
  7. aid (a+(i)
  8. beast (e+(a)
  9. sleeve (e+ – v+e)
  10. trial (iA – al=ul)
  11. slave (a+)
  12. brain (a+(i)
  13. braid (a+(i)
  14. aim (a+(i)
  15. mistakes (i – a+)
  16. brave (a+)
  17. clearly (e+(a) – y=e+)
  18. again (a=uh – a+(i)
  19. eastern (e+(a) – er)
  20. afraid (a=uh – aid)