Week of 2/8 – 2/12

Thank you for all your support in making sure your student got a science fair project completed and turned in!  Our class will be presenting on Thursday 2-11-16.  We are currently scheduled to present at 10:20 to 11:35.  If that changes I will let you know.

I handed out the Book Report information for February today.  They have 3 weeks to read a chapter book and complete a book report using the same format given previously.  A breakdown of how this will be scored is attached to the requirements.  Please review this with your student.

On Feb. 18th our class is scheduled to visit the San Xavier Mission.  We will be leaving school around 9:45 and returning after lunch.  We are excited to learn more about this part of Arizona history!

Here is a LINK to this week’s Spelling City practice games.  We are on Lesson 25:

  1. argue (ar – u+)
  2. deliver (eA – i – er)
  3. soup (ou=oo) [don’t forget the line over the oo]
  4. guest (g(u) – es)
  5. guarding (g(u) – ar – ing)
  6. tongue (on=un – gue)
  7. restaurant (es – au=o+ – a=ah)
  8. croquet (oA – qu=k -et=eigh’)
  9. crochet (oA – ch=sh = et=eigh’)
  10. machine (a=uh – ch=sh – i=e+ – n+e)
  11. group (ou=oo_ [don’t forget the line over the oo]
  12. urge (ur – ge)
  13. guitar (g(u) – i – ar)
  14. route (ou=oo – t+e) [don’t forget the line over the oo]
  15. guilty (g(u) – i – y=e+)
  16. police (oA – i+e+ – ce)
  17. bureau (uA – eau=o+)
  18. vaguely (aA – gue – y=e+)
  19. routine (ou=oo – i=e+ – n+e) [don’t forget the line over the oo]
  20. magazine (mag – a=uh – i=e+ – n+e)