Week of Nov. 2 – 6

Happy November!  Can you believe we are almost half way through our second quarter?  I sure can’t! Don’t forget our Fall Carnival is Friday Nov. 6 from 4-7pm.  There will be fun, food and games!  You can order tickets through the office or purchase them the night of the event.

Right now we are learning about Inca, Aztec and Maya cultures in Social Studies, Animals in Science and theme in Language Arts.

Please make sure your student is completing their test corrections and turning them into me.  I give them the opportunity to correct their errors so they can learn from them and earn back half the points they lost.  This has a significant effect on their grade – especially if they don’t turn them in!

Here are the spelling words for this week.  I put the list up on Spelling City as well so they can practice

Spelling City Lesson 13

  1. ton (on=un)
  2. son (on-un)
  3. nerve (er – v+e)
  4. cause (au – s+e)
  5. perfectly (er – e – y+e+)
  6. person (er – on=un)
  7. gallon (aD – on=un)
  8. other (o=uh (th) – er)
  9. button (uD – on=un)
  10. oven (o=uh (v) – en)
  11. chart (ar)
  12. silver (i – er)
  13. cover (o=uh (v) – er)
  14. another (a – o=uh (v) – er)
  15. wonder (o=uh (w) – er)
  16. brother (o=uh (th) – er)
  17. comfort (om=um – or)
  18. gloves (o=uh (v) – v+e)
  19. lovely (o=uh (v) – v+e – y=e+)
  20. company (om=um – a=uh – y=e+)