Week of Nov. 9 to Nov. 13

Can you believe we are in November?!  The quarter is almost half over.  Last week I sent home notices if students were missing assignments.  Next week I am sending home progress reports so please have all missing work submitted by this Friday the 13th.

I will also be sending home information about our next field trip so be watching for that packet next week.

Just a reminder that the book report is due Dec. 4th.

This week’s spelling lesson is up at Spelling City.  I highly encourage your student to use the website if possible – the games will reinforce their spelling practice.  Please remind them however that they need to learn their vowel controls which are not included on the Spelling City site.

  1. low (ow)
  2. flows (ow)
  3. South (ou)
  4. who (o=oo) {don’t forget the line over the oo}
  5. bounce (ou – ce)
  6. flower (ow – er)
  7. pillow (iD – ow)
  8. losing (o=oo – ing) {don’t forget the line over the oo}
  9. move (o=oo – v+e) {don’t forget the line over the oo}
  10. tomorrow (to – oD – ow)
  11. louder (ou – er)
  12. whom (o=oo) {don’t forget the line over the oo}
  13. shadow (shad – ow)
  14. throwing (ow – ing)
  15. blowing (ow – ing)
  16. shower (ow – er)
  17. rowing (ow – ing)
  18. France (a – ce)
  19. whose (o=oo – s+e) {don’t forget the line over the oo}
  20. playground (ay – ou)