Week of Sept. 14 – 18

We are almost done with the first quarter!  It has flown by.  This week we will be practicing for our Constitution program on the 19th.  Details were in the Carden newsletter.  The Constitution program is one of my favorite things about Carden.  I hope to see you there!

On Thurs. Sept 17th we will be going to Apple Annies.  Your student can wear jeans, their Carden peacebuilder t-shirts and tennis shoes.  Please send them with a bagged lunch that does NOT include anything that needs to be heated.  We will be eating at the picnic tables in the orchard.  Please also send them with a water bottle.  It will still be warm out and we don’t want anyone to dehydrate.  It will be a fun and educational trip!

Here are our spelling words for the week:

  1. sample (a – le)
  2. final (iA – al=ul)
  3. equal (eA – al=ul)
  4. vocal (oA – al=ul)
  5. level (lev – el)
  6. dial (iA – al=ul)
  7. tunnel (uD – el)
  8. riddles (iD – le)
  9. hospital (o – i – al=ul)
  10. several (sev – er – al=ul)
  11. candles (a – le)
  12. handle (a – le)
  13. surprise (ur – i+)
  14. bubble (uD – le)
  15. barrel (aD – el)
  16. nickel (i – ck – el)
  17. rival (iA – al=ul)
  18. capital (cap – i – al=ul)
  19. usual (uA – uA – al=ul)
  20. individual (i – i – i – uA – al=ul)

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