Week of Sept. 21 – 25

Our last week of the quarter!  I don’t know about you but for me it has flown by.  I hope the students are learning and enjoying our class.  I know I am.

We had a great time at Apple Annie’s!  We learned about agriculture and organic apple growing.  We rode out to the field and picked apples!  Because Apple Annie’s doesn’t use pesticides we got to dust off the apples and eat them directly from the tree.  We all agreed they were delicious!

Our Constitution program was this past Saturday and it was a rousing performance as always!  I love that Carden instills an appreciation for the founding of our country.  Thank you to those that brought your students and families to participate with us.

Here are our spelling words for this week:  Lesson 9

  1. boil (oi)
  2. always (al – ay)
  3. repay (eA – ay)
  4. spoiling (oi – ing)
  5. destroy (eA – oy)
  6. key (k) – ey)
  7. valley (aD – ey)
  8. jockey (o – ck – ey)
  9. pity (pit – y=e+)
  10. turkey (ur – (k) – ey)
  11. ray (ay)
  12. jointed (oi – ed)
  13. enjoy (en – oy)
  14. annoy (aD – oy)
  15. employ (em – oy)
  16. display (i – ay)
  17. moisture (oi – u+)
  18. oyster (oy – er)
  19. alley (aD – ey)
  20. disappointed (i – aD – oi – ed)

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