Welcome 2018-2019 Grade 2 Student’s and families

July 20, 2018
Dear Students and Parents,
Welcome to our Grade 2 class! I invite you all to the Back to School Night and BBQ Monday, August 6th at 5:30 p.m. You will be able to visit our class and have an opportunity to see what we do in Grade 2. Parent communication is a priority, through email, text, Grade 2 Blog on the Carden of Tucson website, gradebook, and parent letters. My email address is hnichols@cardenoftucson.org We plan on having a successful learning experience for the 2018-2019 school year and your support is needed.

A few things to know:

0ur class will be focusing on Math, Spelling, Reading, Language, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Penmanship, Social Studies, Science, and Art.
Several times during the week we will experience a 10 minute stretch and relaxation technique. Our goal is to create a healthy environment physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially, through breathing and stretching exercises. Each student needs a mat, that will be kept at school.
I do not promote candy, or unhealthy treats (your discretion). The fruits, veggies, and popcorn/chips or unprocessed snacks are always welcome.
Spelling lessons are given on Monday, and Wednesday. Tests are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Tutoring starts on 2nd Quarter.The 100% Spelling Tests will receive a prize from the prize box.
I do my best to not give Homework on weekends. However, there will be an at Home Project: Tree Report, and a Bird Report. Tree Report will be due towards the end of Second Quarter, Bird Report is towards the end of Third Quarter.

We could always use prizes for the prize box, clorox wipes, and paper plates for their lunches.

Ms. Nichols