PTO Meeting 5/18/17

Hello Carden Families!

We wanted to pass on the information that was discussed during the PTO meeting for May.

  1. Attendance: Mrs. Grossi, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Jeppson, Mrs. Peterson, Mr. Peterson, Mrs. Baer, Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. Gardner, Mrs. Harris, Mr. Rinckey, Mrs. Rinckey, Mrs. Cowan, Mr. Turner
  2. Committee Reports:
    1. Director’s Report- Mrs. Jeppson – Mrs. Jeppson didn’t have anything new to report. Next week is the last week of School.
    2. Treasurer’s Report- Mrs. Kramer – Mrs. Kramer was not in attendance. Mrs. Martinez updated on the total from the Spaghetti Dinner. This was the most participation for the past couple of years. It was awesome!
    3. Teacher Liaison Report- Mrs. Gardner – Mrs. Gardner said that Teacher Appreciation week was awesome and the teachers were thankful for everything that was done for them.
    4. Volunteer Coordinator – Lisa
      1. Water Day – servers updates – Mr. Turner, Mr. Grossi, Mrs. Baer, Mrs. Moore will help with the serving.
  • Old/New Business:
    • Teacher Appreciation Week (May 1st – May 5th):
  • How did everyone feel that it went? Any changes? Keep the same idea going with a little something everyday for the teachers and doing baskets for one of the days.
    • Volunteer/Staff Breakfast (May 12th):
  • Thank you for all of the help and support! Breakfast was great! Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.
    • Someone to Spear Head each event (organize): The current PTO Board for the 2016-2017 school year decided to proceed next year with the PTO working as a group verses having titles of “PTO President, etc.” Individuals will spearhead each event throughout the school year and be in charge of running that event smoothly. Mr. Turner will be the treasurer and Mrs. Cowan will be the Secretary for the 2017-2018 school year. Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Martinez will work over the summer with putting together templates/outlines for each event so individuals have an idea on how the event has been run in the past. Once each event has been designated to a volunteer to spearhead, Mrs. Martinez will contact the Carden web designer to update the PTO page with pictures and contact information. There was lots of discussion in regards to attracting more parents to be involved in the PTO. Someone suggested having 8th graders babysit during late meetings (maybe that will help). Another idea that was presented was phone conferencing parents into the meetings. The PTO has tried different methods for more involvement (paper based items, text message, e-mail, etc.).  
    • Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Grossi will have a booth set-up Friday, May 26th for parents to fill out a quick survey (days/times that work best, what is the barrier for you not to be in attendance, etc.). Parents will receive a raffle ticket for filling out the card. The prize will be dinner and a movie.
  • Back to School Night: Mrs. Grossi/Mrs. Moore
  • Fall Festival (September 8th?): Mrs. Rinckey/Mrs. Baer
  • Constitution Program: Mrs. Martinez and any parents who stay during rehearsal (Sept. 23rd)
  • Santa’s Workshop: Mrs. Rinckey/ ??
  • Monthly Dinners – contact places and set-up: Mrs. Cowan/Mr. Turner
  • Lunches – call vendors/handle lunch orders/serving: Mrs. Cowan/Mr. Turner
  • Teacher Appreciation Week: Mrs. Moore/Mrs. Martinez/Mrs. Peterson
  • Other Events? Book Fairs ??
    • Fundraising Ideas for Next Year:
  • Gas Light Theater Buy-Out for one night – Potential amount to be raised is $1600. – Mrs. Martinez will look into a date and purchase 50 tickets to see how that goes. If it goes well, we can try for a buy out at a later time/date.
    • Board Member Nominations:
  • Work as group verses having titles – For the upcoming school year, the PTO will work as a group to tackle the events of the school year. No titles, except treasurer and secretary, will be given. We need to build a solid base and build from there.
    • Upcoming Events:
    • Saturday, May 20th – Dance Festival @ 6:00 pm @ FWJH
    • Wednesday, May 24th – Graduation Ceremony @ 7:00 pm
    • Thursday, May 25th – Kickball Game/Water Day @ 8:30 am
    • Thursday, May 25th – Water Day Lunch @ 12:00 pm
    • Friday, May 26th – Awards Assembly/Last Day of School @ 8:15 am
  • Next Meeting: TBD – June 15th @ 4:00 pm @ BJs (on Oracle)

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