Week of 12-12 to 12-16

Can you believe there are only 2 weeks of school left in this quarter?!?  Don’t forget our Biography book report and project are due this Weds. the 14th.  Santa’s Workshop will be the 15th-16th in the MPR.  Looking ahead to next week our class winter celebration will be on Thursday the 22nd and the Schoolgivingmas will be on the 23rd.  Breakfast will start at 8:00 and the program will follow.  Our class is assigned hot dishes like breakfast casseroles, egg dishes, bacon, sausage etc.  Please contact the office if you have questions.

Our spelling words this week is Lesson 30..  You can find practice games at www.spellingcity.com/mrscurtis4

Lesson 30

  1. fountain
  2. possible
  3. inventor
  4. permitted
  5. remembrance
  6. allowance
  7. agreeable
  8. valuable
  9. remarkable
  10. moveable
  11. envelope
  12. success
  13. sensible
  14. terrible
  15. responsible
  16. balance
  17. primary
  18. considerate
  19. endurance
  20. changeable

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