Week of 12-19 to 12-23

Can you believe it is the last week of this quarter?  This school year is flying by!  We will be having our class winter celebration on Thursday.  If your student cannot purchase a book please let me know.  I have extras that I can give them so everyone can participate.

Going forward we will only be having one spelling lesson a week.  Our words are getting more difficult and I would prefer that we move through the book more slowly and really learn the spelling.  We will still be doing our pretest through memory recall.  The only major change is that we will have spelling homework each night (starting after the break).  This will give your student practice with the words and hopefully will help them learn the words more fully.

This week’s list is Lesson 31.  You can still find the words at www.spellingcity.com/mrscurtis4


  1. thief
  2. field
  3. piece
  4. belief
  5. shield
  6. ignore
  7. lightning
  8. receive
  9. dripped
  10. boundary
  11. grief
  12. priest
  13. niece
  14. yield
  15. dragging
  16. description
  17. believe
  18. deceive
  19. dotted
  20. grieves

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