Week 24! (Sorry… It’s been a while!)

Hello everyone-

I’m so sorry for the long gap between blog posts. I would love to blame the internet problems we were having but, truth be told, it’s my fault and I won’t try to excuse myself.

Anyway, here are the weekly outlines for each class:

6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade

This week is not too exciting, 6th & 7th grades are working on posters and 8th grade is finishing up learning about Reconstruction of the Union after the Civil War.

We do have a test this Friday that every student should have a study guide for.
If they do not have it any longer, it is available here:

Test Study Guides

I’m hoping every student does well on this upcoming test!


In other news:

-Progress Reports come out this week.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

-We have class pictures this THURSDAY (FEB. 5th).
Please send your student prepared and with the necessary forms.

-We will be having a small class party for Valentine’s day on FRIDAY, FEB. 13th.
Students are welcome to bring in goodies for the class, but please make sure there is enough for 15!

-There is a Fundraiser for our Washington, DC Trip on SATURDAY, FEB. 14th.
This fundraiser is an opportunity to reach out to our Carden family and offer babysitting services for parents on Valentine’s day. If your student wishes to benefit from this fundraiser, please have them be here by 4:00 and plan to have them stay until around 8:00.

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