Week of November 7 – 11

I hope you all enjoyed the fall carnival!  I thought it was great!  This week is our Veteran’s Day program.  It will be held on Thursday at 10:30.  Students may be dismissed as soon as it is completed.  Friday we are off school!  Due to the program and short week we will only be having one spelling list this week.  As always you can find practice games at http://www.spellingcity.com/mrscurtis4  We are on list 23 this week.

List 23

vowel controls:  – or=ur(w) – one

  1. done
  2. none
  3. withdraw
  4. one
  5. penny
  6. word
  7. work
  8. world
  9. button
  10. dainty
  11. liver
  12. worth
  13. honey
  14. once
  15. money
  16. slender
  17. dumb
  18. flowing
  19. worse
  20. worthy

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