Week of 12-7 to 12-11

Greetings!  Today we exchanged names for our Secret Santa.  Information went home last Friday.  The students need to start bringing their gifts on Monday and dropping them off in the office in my present box.  Please help your student remember to bring their gifts each day so no feelings are hurt!  Our quarter is wrapping up so please be sure to have your student turn in any work that is missing, especially the corrections for the exams so I can get accurate grades for the report cards that go out over break.

Here are this week’s spelling words:

  1. head (ead)
  2. thread (ead)
  3. hunger (u – er)
  4. breath ((eath)
  5. death (eath)
  6. pocket (o – ck – e)
  7. loose (oo – s+e) [don’t forget the line over the oo]
  8. weather (eath – er)
  9. measure (ea (sure) )
  10. every (e – er – y=e+)
  11. faint (a+(i)
  12. spread (ead)
  13. preach (e+(a)
  14. wealth (ealth)
  15. feather (eath -er)
  16. leather (eath – er)
  17. pleasure (ea (sure) )
  18. fairy (a+(i) – y=e+)
  19. ferry (eD – y=e+)
  20. healthy (ealth – y=e+)

Here is the link to the Spelling City games that will help them practice the spelling for this week’s words.