Week of 1/4 to 1/8 – Welcome Back!

I hope you all had an amazing break.  It went by so quickly!

It is a new quarter and the gradebook resets so we start fresh.  Let’s make it a great quarter!  We will still be doing reading logs.  These must be filled out each night and turned in on Monday mornings (this gives them Sat and Sun if they miss a night during the week).  They need to fill out the form and turn it into me to receive full credit.  The summary needs to be 4 sentences.  Each reading log is worth 10 points so if they consistently neglect to turn them in it has a negative effect on their Reading grade.  In addition to their grade they earn a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut for reading each night and turning in the completed log to me for the whole month!

We will be starting monthly book reports as well.  More information will be coming later this week.  They will be due each month as follows:

  • January 29th (Friday)
  • February 19th (Friday)
  • March 11th (Friday)

Here are the upcoming Science Fair due dates:

  • January 15th – Science Project results
  • January 22nd – Conclusions
  • February 5th – Entire project including display board

The Science Fair project is a significant portion of your student’s Science grade this quarter.  Please contact me if there are any questions.

Don’t forget your student can visit Spelling City to practice spelling their words.  Here is a LINK.  Here are this week’s spelling words:

  1. earl (e a r)
  2. search (e a r)
  3. earn (e a r)
  4. knife (k) – i+)
  5. continent (o-i-en)
  6. applaud (aD – au)
  7. know (k) – ow)
  8. annex (aD – ex)
  9. argument (ar – uA – en)
  10. discovery (i – o=uh (v) – er – y=e+)
  11. plain (ain)
  12. illness (iD – e)
  13. knit (k) – i)
  14. learn (e a r)
  15. knot (k) – o)
  16. heard (e a r)
  17. kneel (k) – e+)
  18. infection (i – e – tion)
  19. occupy (oD – uA – y=i+)
  20. multiplication (u – i – i – aA – tion)