Week of August 3 – August 7

Welcome to our second week of school!  This week we will be learning about the American Revolution in Social Studies, Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources in Science and learning to write a narrative in Language Arts.  We have a busy week ahead of us!

Please make sure your student is doing their Math homework each night.  We have added a math fact practice worksheet.  Your student should sit down with someone who can time them for 3 minutes.  They need to answer as many addition facts as they can in that 3 minutes.  Please initial the worksheet when they are done.

This week’s spelling words are:

  1. screen
  2. middle
  3. stroke
  4. more
  5. himself
  6. inches
  7. tribe
  8. firm
  9. dock
  10. sixteen
  11. forget
  12. cost
  13. splendid
  14. robber
  15. trim
  16. border
  17. itself
  18. thirst
  19. rise
  20. understand

Please ask your student if they can recall the story we learned with our words today.

Thank you for your support!

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