Week One Update

The first week is already over?! Boy, that was quick!

Here are some highlights from this week:

  1. We began learning about George Washington and how to make a time line
  2. A science experiment is currently being conducted in our room! The results of setting an egg in vinegar for a week will be revealed on Wednesday. We can’t wait!
  3. Math is going well! Homework seems easy now, but this is a good base for what’s to come 🙂 We also had a lot of fun creating pictures with different shapes.
  4. For art, we re-created ourselves as a fox! If you ever wondered what your child would like as a fox, feel free to pop in!

Next week we begin Spelling! A spelling test schedule will be sent home Monday, but will also be posted in a blog 🙂

Unfortunately, I’m having a technical issue getting some of the photos up. Please stay tuned!

Mrs. Cowen


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