Week of Oct. 19-23

This week we are starting our first research project.  The majority of the work will be done in class from research to writing.  We are learning about the Aztec, Inca and Maya cultures.  My goal with this project is to help the students develop the skills they need to use when they do their science fair projects.  I sent home a science fair project packet on Friday.  Please review the due dates with your student and make sure they make the necessary arrangements to do the work needed to be successful.  The project will be a significant part of their science and language arts grade.

We will also be starting book reports!  They get to choose the book and the report format.  More information will be coming home on Tuesday.  The students will need to read 20 minutes a night and fill out their reading logs completely in preparation for this project.

The Fall Carnival will be Friday Nov. 6th at 4 pm.  Our class basket is Game Night!  Please donate items that could be used in a family game night – card games, dice games, snacks….. I have had several donations so far.  Thank you!!

Here are the spelling words this week:

  1. flakes (a+)
  2. recess (eA – c(e) – eD)
  3. parcel (ar – c(e) – el)
  4. center (en – er)
  5. grocer (oA -c(e)-er)
  6. patient (aA – ti=sh – en)
  7. officer (oD – i – c(e) – er)
  8. special (e – ci=sh – al)
  9. facial (aA – ci=sh-al)
  10. recently (eA-en-y=e+)
  11. sixth (i)
  12. steep (e+)
  13. fifteen (i – e+)
  14. scarlet (ar-e)
  15. murmur (ur-ur)
  16. sense (en- s+e)
  17. resent (eA-en)
  18. Greece (e+ – c(e))
  19. shocking (o-ck-ing)
  20. December (eA – em-er)

Here is the link to Spelling City – Mrs. Curtis Lesson 11 if your student would like to play some practice games.  A new spelling menu went home today.  Your student needs to pick enough activities to equal 20 points.  The assignments should be clearly labeled and have their name on them.  They are all due on Friday.

Thank you for all the hard work!!  I know without great parents my job would be so much harder.