Week of 1-9 to 1-13

Welcome back!  I hope you had a great winter break!

We are changing how we do spelling for the rest of the year.  We will have one spelling lesson a week so the students can really concentrate on learning the spelling and meanings of the words.  We will still do our Monday lesson with a story.  Our pretest will be on Weds. with our final test on Fridays.  The students will have nightly spelling homework to help them practice.  This will be handed out on Mondays and collected on Fridays.  They have to do a minimum of 4 choices and can do up to 2 extra choices for extra credit.  Hopefully this will help them become better spellers!

As always the words will be listed on Spelling City for fun games to practice.  Here are this week’s words:

Lesson 32

  1. inherit
  2. where
  3. ambition
  4. reflection
  5. honor
  6. belonged
  7. William
  8. vacant
  9. beautiful
  10. assembly
  11. bedspread
  12. there
  13. bear
  14. very
  15. collar
  16. junior
  17. explanation
  18. opinion
  19. onions
  20. America

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