Week of 1/23 – 1/27

It’s National School Choice Week celebrating the choices we have in the education of our children.  I hope you’ll join us on Weds. afternoon from 4-6 to celebrate Carden with song, dance and chili!

The school spelling bee will be on Friday.  Best of luck to our contestants!

Here are the spelling words for this week.  You can access them at www.spellingcity.com/mrscurtis4 and look for Lesson 34.  Our pretest will be on Weds. and our test is on Friday.

Lesson 34

  1. echoes
  2. Philip
  3. palace
  4. convenient
  5. hyphen
  6. hydrant
  7. photograph
  8. Christmas
  9. chemistry
  10. surely
  11. style
  12. various
  13. curious
  14. syrup
  15. system
  16. aches
  17. telephone
  18. orphan
  19. sympathy
  20. characters

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