Welcome to First Grade!

Dear Parents and students,

What a wonderful first day!

We started by reading Swimmy, a fun story about working together and being your own fish. Then we read The Kissing Hand. This book was extra special, because it reassured us that even though going to school is sometimes scary, our moms love us and that will always be with us.

During the first quarter, I like to focus on character development. Every week we have a new animal to represent a good characteristic. Today, we learned about attentiveness (like the deer).

Here are just a few notes of information as we start the year:

  • Please be sure to pack a sweater for your child. The classroom is kept at a cool temperature.
  • Please pack a water bottle to be kept near the student’s desk. Because the condensation could potentially ruin papers or books, try putting a clean sock over the water bottle to keep it dry (works great!).
  • Our classroom theme this year will be “foxes”.

If you would like to donate items to the classroom, here is what we will be needing for the year to come:

  • tissues
  • clorox wipes
  • paper plates
  • dixie cups (in case someone forgets their water bottle)
  • plastic forks and spoons (in case someone forgets to bring one from home)

We certainly appreciate it!


I am looking forward to what the year brings!

Mrs. Cowen

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